Do You Live in a Sears House?

As the author of several books on kit homes, I’ve given more than 200 lectures in 25 states, and the #1 question I’m most frequently asked is, “Do you live in a Sears House?”

The short answer is, no, I do not live in a Sears House. However, I love old houses and I love old things. It’s my love of old things that compelled us (me and the new hubby) to purchase a 1925 Colonial Revival home. It’s a real beauty and it’s also a real money pit. My husband and I have spent an inordinate amount of time and money restoring the grand old home to its former glory.

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Pretty in pink

1925 Colonial Revival Home in Norfolk ,Virginia.

Our home as it appeared in 1948.

Our home as it appeared in 1948.

I have always loved old houses. I was born and raised in a 1925 Colonial Revival, much like the house I own now. That house was in Waterview, a 1920s neighborhood in Portsmouth Virginia.  My childhood home was built in 1925, and it was a solid brick home with a slate roof. Notice how similar it is to the house I now own in Norfolk?

My family home in Waterview (Portsmouth) as seen in April 1956, when we moved in.

My family home in Waterview (Portsmouth) as seen in April 1956, when we moved in.

In February 2006, my husband and I were looking for homes in Norfolk and that’s when I saw this house (see picture above) and immediately fell in love. I literally grabbed him the lapels and said, “I have to have this house.” Admittedly, it was a ridiculously emotional reaction, occasioned by the fact that it was very similar to the home in which I was born and raised.

As I’ve told many friends, it’s a breathtakingly beautiful wooden sculpture, and incredibly, we get to live and move and have our being within the four walls of this artistic creation.

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  1. Tina Carrington

    I happened upon your site while researching Sear’s homes. I believe I live in one, but have not been able to find a catalog photo of it. Where can I find a complete listing of the models with photos? My house was built in 1909. We’re located in Tremont IL.