Limes and Tygarts and Bears, oh my!

So what do Limes and Tygarts and Bears have in common? Not much, unless you’re in my world. My husband likes to eat lemons and limes, rind and all. He says it prevents scurvy. I tell him that there are easier ways to prevent scurvy.

Last year, we took a trip to see the Tygart River (in Elkins) and he ate a lime en route.  And then more recently, we took a trip to Lexington, Virginia and stayed at the House Mountain Inn. This cute little bear (see picture below) was in the dining room. During a meal, I went over to the cute bear and asked him if he’d like a bite of my food.

He smiled sweetly and said, “No thanks. I’m stuffed.”

True story. Kinda. In a way.