Sears Home in Buena Vista, Virginia

The last time I visited Buena Vista, Virginia was 1969. Our family had been vacationing in Douthat State Park and we were awakened in the wee hours by a park ranger and told to get out immediately due to extreme flooding. Hurricane Camille had visited overnight and the torrential rains had washed out several roads and bridges in the mountains. Quickly, my parents, three brothers and myself gathered up our possessions and loaded up the 1957 Cadillac and headed home. Driving home down US Highway 60, we stopped in Buena Vista and had lunch.

That was 1969. I didn’t know how to identify Sears Homes back then.  🙂

My parents, having lived in California for much of their life, always called this little town “Bwayna Vista.”

Since we started planning our trip to western Virginia some months ago, my husband and I have had an ongoing argument as to the proper pronunciation of Buena Vista. I say it’s Bwayna Vista. He says it Byoona Vista. We compromised by calling it “BV.”

Nonetheless, here’s a perfect Sears Cedars in BV, VA. Incredibly, it still has its little garden gate (far left). What a perfect match!

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Sears Cedars from the 1929  Sears Modern Homes catalog

Sears Cedars from the 1929 Sears Modern Homes catalog

Sears  Cedars - Close-up

Sears Cedars - Close-up

Sears Cedars

Sears Cedars in Buena Vista

Sears Cedar in Buena Vista

Sears Cedars - another view

Sears Cedars - with close-up of little gate

Sears Cedars - with close-up of little gate


  1. Emilie Davis

    I live in Buena Vista (and the locals DO pronounce it like your husband), and I must admit that I’ve always assumed certain houses in town were “Sears Houses”, because they look the same but are blocks apart. However, I never would have guessed that the house you identified is a real Sears House! Perhaps the others are just kit houses from different companies…or there was an architect here who was very prolific in selling the same plans!

  2. Juliet Lewis

    My parents lived in Buena Vista when I was born, had family there for many years – your husband has the native pronunciation down. Love the Sears houses!

  3. B Jones

    Much of my growing up occured in this house. I absolutely love it. They don’t build quality homes like this anymore. Hopefully my children will be able to enjoy holidays and summers in this house as well.

  4. Sharon Hazelwood

    I grew up in this house and my mother still lives in it.