Sweet Home Alabama!

Heretofore, there are only six known Magnolias in the country. Six. And there’s one in Alabama!

What is a Sears Home? These were kit homes, sold from the Sears Roebuck catalog from 1908-1940. The houses arrived by train, in 12,000-piece kits.  (And you thought putting together a VCR stand was tough!).  Each house came with detailed blueprints and a 75-page instruction book. Sears promised that a “man of average abilities” could have the house finished within 90 days! Sears offered 370 designs, but the Sears Magnolia was by far, the biggest.

What a beauty this is! It’s a Sears Magnolia (Sears biggest and best house) in Piedmont, Alabama! (See pictures below.)

It is a Sweet Home in Alabama!! And if you’ve seen any other Magnolias in your town, please send me a photo!

To buy Rose’s book, click here.

To read about the Sears Homes in Atlanta, Georgia, click here.

Sears Magnolia in Alabama

Sears Magnolia in Alabama

Close up of Corinthian columns on Sears Magnolia in Alabama

Close up of Corinthian columns on Sears Magnolia in Alabama

Sears Magnolia in Alabama

Sears Magnolia in Alabama. Notice how the dormer on this house is different from the catalog picture (below) and from the other Sears Magnolias (see links above).

Sears Magnolia from the 1921 Sears Modern Homes catalog

Sears Magnolia from the 1921 Sears Modern Homes catalog


  1. Don

    What are the locations of the other Magnolias?

    I believe a children’s home in Pennsylvania might be one of them. Have you seen or heard of it?

  2. Samantha

    Its sad to see the Piedmont Magnolia these days.

    It looks as though whoever owned it has just walked away. The grass is knee high.

    I am hoping that the right person will find this awesome home and use your blog as a reference to restore it to original. Two years ago in October, while trick or treating, I spoke with the woman who owned the house and she said that they were working on it.

    Sadly not much can be seen from the outside. I dont want to see this house end up like the one in Nebraska.

  3. Nita Rutledge

    Sears and Roebuck house kits were also delivered by riverboat, one in Hardin County, TN was delivered this way, and the house belonged to country music artist, Darryl Worley’s grandparents.

    It is still in his family. There is also another Sears and Roebuck house in the county in Saltillo, Tn

  4. nita gossett

    Have there been any improvements since you last posted in July?

  5. Keith Lustig

    I have discovered that we actually own a Magnolia Model from Sears.

    The builder did not purchase the complete kit, but only purchased the plans, and then made revisions to meet the family needs. It was built in 1914 in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, and still retains most of the original features.

    We do have pictures of the completed house and some work in progress.

    We have been given the original blueprints as well, along with the redesigned plans. It appears we have one of the few examples of this treasure!

  6. Patrick Thompson

    What is the address of this home in Piedmont? Is it still standing?

  7. Patrick Thompson

    Are blueprints available for the Magnolia? What is the approximate square footage?