Sears Homes in Alabama

On a prior post (Sears Magnolia in Piedmont, Alabama), I talked about photographing a Sears Magnolia in Piedmont. What I did not talk about was the trip. I traveled from Norfolk, Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia and met up with my friend Nancy (who lives in Acworth), and then we rode together to Piedmont to photograph this house. I love Sears Homes. I love looking at them and I love photographing them and I love posting their portraits at my website.

That being said, I was mighty disappointed that I didn’t find any more Sears Homes between here and Atlanta. I’ve been searching for Sears Homes for a long, long time and I like to think I’m pretty good at this but this trip has not yielded many “finds.”

And then today, I found a note in my inbox from a nice fellow in Mobile (Alabama) telling me about an ecnclave of purported Sears Homes in Mobile. If anyone has any more information about these houses, I’d love to hear about it. I’d love to see some photos of these houses. It’s been my experience that 95% of the time, these “neighborhoods” of Sears Homes are not Sears Homes or even kit homes from another company. They’re usually wild goose chases.

Please – someone from Mobile – write to me ( and prove me wrong.

One of the best finds in Alabama: A sunflower field!

Sunflowers in Alabama

Sunflowers in Alabama

More sunflowers

More sunflowers


  1. Kelly

    I’m trying to learn to spot kit homes, it’s as hard as I thought it would be. Is this a Glen Falls Model? Florence, Alabama

  2. Pat Sullivan

    Supposedly a “Magnolia” in Ashland, AL. Photo of house looks like it is possible.

    I don’t know the owners and I’m not sure if they would want to be contacted.

  3. Sears Homes

    @Pat Sullivan
    Pat, I’d sure like to know more about this.

    Please send me an address, so that I can look it up.

  4. Rachel Shoemaker

    Every catalog company as well as plan book had a version of this house.

    It’s not a Glen Falls but it does bear a resemblance!

    Looks like another plan book version.

  5. Kayla

    I’m from Ashland and have heard the Magnolia Home is a Sears Home. It’s beautiful. The current owners last name is Pruet. It’s right beside the town square.

  6. Rachel Shoemaker

    Kayla, I looked at a house a few months ago when Pat above commented, it is by the cemetery.

    If that is the same house it is not from Sears.

  7. Sears Homes

    Hi Kayla,

    I just took a better look at this “Magnolia Home” in Ashland, and Rachel is right. Definitely NOT a Sears Magnolia.