Sears Home in Lexington, Virginia: Where am I?

About three years ago, my husband and I revisited his old Alma Mater (Washington and Lee). We also drove around town and found this Sears Alhambra (see photo below) in a quiet residential area in Lexington. I’ll be retuning to Lexington in a few days and would love to get the address for this house, so that I can re-visit it, and also scope out the neighborhood for other Sears Homes. If you know the address of this house or its street name, please leave a comment below!

Do you know what a Sears Home is? These were true kits, 12,000 pieces of house, sold out of the Sears Roebuck catalog. Sears promised that “a man of average abilities” could have one of these kits built in 90 days. Click here for more info on Sears kit homes.

To see more pictures of Sears Homes, click here.

Sears Alhambra, as shown in the 1919 Sears Modern Homes catalog

Sears Alhambra, as shown in the 1919 Sears Modern Homes catalog

Sears Alhambra in Lexington, but where?

Sears Alhambra in Lexington, but where?


  1. Tammy

    Hi, did you ever return to Lexington to find the house? If so, I would be interested to know where it’s located within the town. My husband and I are thinking of building one on our property in Texas and if we would like to see one to get a feel for size.

  2. Mark

    It’s on Sellers Avenue, Lexington Va.

  3. Kyle Schroeder

    I live in Wilmore, KY.
    It is about 12 miles south of Lexington, KY.
    There are five on the Street. Kenyon Ave.
    The Alhambra is next door. We are in the Lexington.

  4. Gemma

    Oh, happy day! Two foursquares, and both are Sears! Beautiful street, Kenyon Ave.

    Had always heard of Wilmore, KY, when growing up in Bardstown, but never knew where it was.