The Lone Sears Home in Owaneco, Illinois

During my long drive through the Illinois countryside, I found this Sears Hollywood (kit home) sitting just off the main drag in the tiny town of Owaneco, Illinois. The house is a spot-on match to the original catalog image, but this poor Hollywood is in poor shape.

Some of its flesh is missing and the skeletal system is also showing some signs of decay.

Perhaps someone from Owaneco will find this post and let the owner know that his old bungalow is actually a historically significant Sears Home!

Updated! To read the most recent update on this house, click here!!!


Beautiful little Hollywood in Owaneco

Beautiful little Hollywood in Owaneco

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  1. dusty

    We have a Hollywood in Tennessee, near Chattanooga. It was built around 1916 I guess, and my grandparents remodeled/enlarged it in 1971. My wife and I have spent a lot of time keeping her up. I love the house. We have lived there for 11 years now, and recently we began stripping the heart pine ceiling on the the front porch.. Here is picture of the ceiling after almost 100 years. It is still beautiful!

  2. brista

    Wow. Just…wow. What in the world happened to that poor little house?!