The Prettiest Little Sears Mitchell That You Ever Did See…

In Fall 2005, I traveled with a dear friend to the New River Gorge in West Virginia. Along the way, we passed five little Sears Homes in a row. It was late in the day and the sun was setting, and I thought I’d never forget where those little houses were. I meant to make a note of it as soon as we arrived at our destination – and I completely forgot.

In 2008 and 2009,  I went back to West Virginia several times to give talks in Beckley, Lewisburg and Charleston. Each time, Ersela, Sandy and I (a kit home triumvirate) drove countless hours trying to find those five Sears Homes in a row. I finally gave up.

And then on my last day in Lewisburg, Skip Deegan asked me to take a ride with him through Rainelle, WV. Finally, after years of wondering, I rediscovered not five, but 10 Sears Homes on one street in greater downtown Rainelle. What a bonus! Below is one of my favorite finds of that trip. A perfect little Sears Mitchell, right on the main drag through town.

Notice the beautiful mountains in the background!

To read more about the Sears Homes in West Virginia, click here.

Sears Mitchell from an early 1930s catalog

Sears Mitchell from an early 1930s catalog

Sears Mitchell in Rainelle, WV

Sears Mitchell in Rainelle, WV


  1. Andrea Pendleton

    I live in Rainelle … my dear friend forwarded me your email concerning the Sears Kit homes… how Exciting ….. one of my dearest friends lived in this particular house…..

    Ty Andy

  2. Mary

    Wow, at our class reunion in July we discussed these homes at dinner..what a treat to get this link. I have lived in Rainelle for 50 years and know these homes and who has lived in them. Thanks

  3. Pat Crane Wojciechowski

    I was interested in this article and really interested when you mentioned Skip Deegan; I think he lived next door to my Aunt Helen Moore in Rainelle, WV when he was young.

  4. Joe

    I was born in this house.
    My grandfather built the house.
    I ran around with Skip while in school in Rainelle.

  5. Jeff

    I bought this Mitchell Sears home built in the late 1930’s. We have fully restored and remodeled the home. Tried to paste a picture to this comment but couldn’t!

  6. Sears Homes

    Jeff, you should join us on Facebook! We have a group there called, “Sears Homes.”

    If you send the photo to me at Rosemary.ringer@gmail, I will post it on this blog!

  7. Skip Deegans

    @Pat Crane Wojciechowski
    Skip Deegans asks: Helen Moore’s niece was our babysitter. Do you keep in contact with her?