My Temporary Death Experience – Now on Youtube!

In September, I attended an NDE conference in Pennsylvania, and while there, I met Roberta Moore, who asked if I’d be willing to share my story with her Youtube viewers. I agreed, and here’s the result!

I’m finishing up my book on this same topic. All I need now is a publisher!

Enjoy the link: Rosemary’s NDE!


  1. Cathy desoto

    I watched your video, then searched your name and found this site. Amazing. Moving. Interesting. I’d like to know more. Feel free to google my name and contact me. The joy you felt came through the video.

  2. Dorothy

    Thank you for your story, it resonates deeply for me. There is much of it I understand, without ever having an nde. And it is just what I need in this moment – a gift for me to mold and shape, that I have needed for a while.

    And what a lovely site I have to explore now!

  3. bb

    hello Rose…I believe that Addie is still residing by the fargo house..if you would like to talk email me..thanks

  4. Paul Fallon

    We ave a house that was built in 1880 in Wilson, NY and were told it was a Sears house brought in on the railroad all ready to assemble. It’s too early for Sears but any idea what it could be?

  5. Sears Homes

    You know, I still think about Addie a lot. She helped me and I believe that she knows what I did for her.

  6. BB not take this the wrong way…but based on my research…IMHO…and on probable interaction…Addie,as well as Martha,as well as Mary ,,,and some of the kids…are STILL in lake Mills… Enoch is NOT there…They all seem happy and content.. to be where they are…I believe that what you did for her…has made her more settled…and happy…I am a sensitive..


    …..thank you for caring ,,

  7. Laura (So Ca)


    Not to be superficial, but you look great. Love your new hairstyle, and your face is glowing. You look so much younger. Your reintroduction to happiness has done wonders.

    I liked your NDE story, and so glad it wasn’t your time. We need you.

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